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A previously impossible test for hemodialysis patients has been recently developed in order to predict sudden cardiac death. Dr. Akiyoshi Hashimoto, who is a cardiologist at Sapporo Medical University in Japan, presented this novel method at the ICNC 2015, Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac CT on May 3 to May 5 in Madrid, Spain. Dr. Hashimoto shares… Read more »

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You may not know the right questions to ask when choosing your pharmacy supplier, but we are here to help. Before choosing a supplier you should make a list of what is important to you and your customers. Don’t choose a supplier just based on cost, location or a previous relationship but base your decision… Read more »

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Budgeting is a hard thing to do, especially when you have never had to budget your money before. Knowing how to spend your money is an important skill to have because the excess cash flow may not always be there. Sometimes, times get tough and you have to cut back on your spending in order… Read more »

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Have you ever injected your patient and wondered what was left in the syringe? For years we have urged our syringe suppliers to come up with a syringe lubricant that would not hold residual radioactivity. Our independent studies have shown some nuclear doses had upwards of 10mCi RESIDUAL left in the syringe. We have finally… Read more »

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Medical imaging is about to see a big transition. With our nation’s defense aiming to eliminate highly enriched uranium to reduce the risk of it getting misused or in the hands of terrorists, low enriched uranium (LEU) is the solution. Get ready to make the switch. Most of the diagnostic doses for medical imaging in… Read more »