What is BioRx?

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At HeartLight Pharmacy Services, we use the BioRx pharmacy software system. BioRx is the nuclear pharmacy’s most technologically advanced management system and the world’s first real-time nuclear pharmacy management system. BioRx uses three distinct ways to backup data: RAID hard drive mirroring, a redundant database server, and off-site backups. These options allow us to ever… Read more »

How Does the FDA Drug Approval Process Work?

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New drugs are being introduced daily for both well-known and rare diseases affecting the people around us every day. This month alone, there have been approvals for the treatment of pain, diabetes, ADHD, pancreatic cancer, Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and high cholesterol. The FDA defines a drug as any product intended for use in the diagnosis,… Read more »

What is dual sourcing and what are the benefits?

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Nuclear pharmacists make nuclear doses with generators. These generators only come from two different suppliers, Covidien and Lantheus. All other pharmacies use one supplier for the generators, known as single sourcing, but HeartLight uses both suppliers, which is known as dual sourcing. Using both suppliers costs more but if one supplier goes down, we are… Read more »

Do you know what Nuclear Pharmacy is?

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Nuclear pharmacy is a highly specialized field, and only a select few colleges offer specialized training that meet the Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements. Many of you might be wondering what exactly nuclear pharmacy is and what it takes to become one. In 1978, nuclear pharmacy was established as the first pharmacy specialty by the Board… Read more »

The Important Questions to Ask your Pharmacy Supplier

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You may not know the right questions to ask when choosing your pharmacy supplier, but we are here to help. Before choosing a supplier you should make a list of what is important to you and your customers. Don’t choose a supplier just based on cost, location or a previous relationship but base your decision… Read more »

The Top 4 Ways to Decrease your Pharmacy Budget

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Budgeting is a hard thing to do, especially when you have never had to budget your money before. Knowing how to spend your money is an important skill to have because the excess cash flow may not always be there. Sometimes, times get tough and you have to cut back on your spending in order… Read more »