HeartSafe Imaging is the perfect combination of reduced nuclear medicine doses and reduced patient time on the camera, low enriched uranium doses, and trusted brand Cardiolite heart imaging tracer.

UltraSPECTUltraSPECT Imaging

The UltraSPECT Xpress/Xact.BoneTM, Xpress.CardiacTM andXpress3.CardiacTM solutions use the proprietary Wide Beam Reconstruction (WBRTM) algorithm to enhance existing NM camera performance, enabling 50 percent reduction in standard radiopharmaceutical injected dose and reducing imaging scan time by 50 percent meeting ASNC guidelines.

Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) Doses

The American Medical Isotope Production Act signed by President Obama was signed in 2013. It is part of a multi-nation effort to reduce the use of “weapons grade” HEU. The Act along with the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announcement for additional reimbursement for non-HEU diagnostic doses is a push for our industry to utilize LEU doses.

Uranium is used in the production of molybdenum (M0-99) which is the parent isotope of technetium (Tc-99), used in millions of diagnostic procedures annually. The United States has no domestic facilities for Mo-99. The Safari reactor in South Africa and the Opal reactor in Australia are the only facilities that can supply LEU-derived raw product.

HeartLight syringe shieldLow Residual Syringes

For years we have urged our syringe suppliers to come up with a syringe lubricant that would not hold residual radioactivity. Our independent studies have shown some nuclear doses had upwards of 10mCi RESIDUAL left in the syringe. We have finally sourced sterile 3mL and 5mL syringes that cut the residual radioactivity by more than 4 times the BD brand! This allows our end user to get the most out of their nuclear medicine doses insuring accuracy when dosing your patients. We are about bringing efficiency to your department. You can be assured residual activity will no longer be a problem from our pharmacy!


cardioliteBrand Cardiolite®

Cardiolite® has been approved in the United States for over 17 years. Cardiolite® was the first technetium labeled myocardial perfusion tracer to provide physicians with prognostic information that can be helpful in making patient management decisions related to coronary artery disease.

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