We Deliver!

At HeartLight Pharmacy we know how important timely deliveries of your radiopharmaceuticals are to you. We depend on our wonderful team of drivers to deliver…no matter the weather!

We have adapted a GPS tracking software in all our HeartLight delivery vehicles. This allows for real-time delivery status and delivery notification. Our fleet of delivery vehicles all have GPS capabilities with real-time traffic updates to make sure the doses are to you in quickest and safest way possible.

InTouchGPS - Delivery Fleet


We are able to alert your department when your STAT doses are fifteen, thirty, or sixty minutes away with our GPS technology using a geo-field, making call-ins easier with better communication.

Adapting this technology has improved fleet safety, enhanced customer satisfaction, and allowed for real-time delivery status. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our process and ensure your doses are on time, every time!


Delivery Fleet HeartLight