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Learning how to save money is such an important lesson in life, and as you get older you realize how valuable your time is as well. If you own or are trying to run a business you realize the value of time and money even more because the loss of time and money affects your bottom line. Learning what works best for you and your business in going to be a process of trial and error as you learn tips on saving money and allocating time properly in a business environment. There are three steps you can take to start saving time and money today!

Provide your patients with a “Patient Prep” handout

For quick reference of contraindicated foods/beverages/medicines to minimize cancellations it is best practice to provide your patients with a “Patient Prep” handout before they leave. Letting your patients know the do’s and don’ts of what they can and cannot do before returning for their follow up appointment will better help your prepare your patients.

Consolidate runs to lower delivery fees

Encouraging your customers to buy more with specials or shipping discounts for buying in bulk can help you consolidate your deliveries. Consolidating runs also helps save you time, money, wear and tear on your vehicle, gas expense and so much more. So by rewarding your customers for buying in bulk you are both saving money and in return you will also increase customer satisfaction. Another way to consolidate runs is to drop all orders off in the same trip for those customers who live in the same area. Setting up delivery dates will help you accomplish your goal and save you time from running back and forth to the same areas.

Implement a “no-show” fee

Often, the threat of a “no-show” charge will drastically cut down on unnecessary cancellations eliminating costly down time. Setting a minimal fee such as twenty dollars can help discourage patients from cancelling appointments at the last minute or just not showing up. Granted, the minimal cancellation fee will not make up for lost time, but it will help offset the number of cancelled appointments you may receive. Another way to ensure patients don’t forget their scheduled appointment is to make a reminder phone call 3-5 days before the appointment and also send out a reminder email or postcard depending on the age demographic of the patient.

These are just a few simple ways to help your facility save time and money with your imaging.