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At HeartLight Pharmacy Services, we use the BioRx pharmacy software system. BioRx is the nuclear pharmacy’s most technologically advanced management system and the world’s first real-time nuclear pharmacy management system. BioRx uses three distinct ways to backup data: RAID hard drive mirroring, a redundant database server, and off-site backups. These options allow us to ever worry about suffering data loss.

Some key features of using BioRx include:

  • Real-time dispensing – precise filled amounts
    • Dispensing screen is directly connected to dose calibrator to read exact drawn values.
    • High speed script printing
    • Calculates the amounts needed to fill orders
    • Print syringe and pharmacy labels
    • Inventory adjustments, on the fly
    • Provides quick access to elute generator and mix kits screen
  • Streamlined inventory management
    • Easy to see inventory items on one screen
    • Easy to track expired and active products
    • Print labels for inventory items on receipt
    • Track PO#, Packing List#, inventory details, incoming wipes, and surveys
    • Easy to transfer products between pharmacies
  • Accurate billing system – ability to download documents to Quickbooks
    • Easy to create invoices for all your customers
    • Easy to keep track of all credits given to customers
    • Ability to reprint any invoice at any time and export them to Quickbooks
  • User-friendly – touch screens, high-speed printers, bi-directional communication with dose calibrators
  • Reporting capabilities for kit preparation, dispensing, billing, quality control, inventory, and shipping
  • Integration with barcode scanners inside hoods and at shipping stations – verifies correct information input
  • Web interface enhances customer convenience – online ordering, dose status, and invoice viewing

Capable of streamlining inventory receipt, processing orders, shipping and invoicing, BioRx provides a comprehensive software solution to efficiently operate our nuclear pharmacy. BioRx works hand-in-hand with our end user software, BioDose.

BioDose is a leading name in isotope tracking software. It is designed to simplify all scheduling, ordering, inventory, waste disposal, patient dosing, reporting, and health physics. BioDose uses an easy interface that allows everything to be done from the main screen and allows users to navigate the interface with a keyboard, mouse, or touchpad.

BioDose manages individual user access levels for Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, or PET departments. BioDose gives us the ability to view records on dose amounts, procedures, referring doctors, and radioactive waste disposal. We are able to generate labels with BioDose with the patient’s dose amount, safety cards, and prepared kit information. BioDose interfaces with HL7 or DICOM, allowing us to import demographics and physician and other scheduling information.

The workflow is simplified, giving us the ability to access daily functions on one screen; allows quick access to other screens with shortcut keys; allows us to view all information on the patient with customized order; from one central computer we are able to see satellite department data; and one click allows us to enter auxiliary screens.

With the incoming dose receipt feature, we can manually enter inventory as needed, scan an individual dose barcode which will give us inventory information, allows us to sort through the inventory by clicking tabs, and allows us to keep track of several shipping containers.

BioDose lets us enter patient doses, print labels with the information right on them, connect to the dose calibrator in order to communicate with BioDose, edit the information, or schedule information. We can also have Online Orders, or OLO, enabled, which allows us to electronically receive orders and view the status of any orders.