We offer FREE and Value Priced services to our customers to help keep your department running smoothly.

HeartLight syringe shieldAt HeartLight Pharmacy Services we are not a large corporation tied to using one vendor for our generator needs. We are able to source our radiopharmaceuticals from multiple vendors, ensuring product delivery when there is a shortage.

We know how a nuclear medicine shortage can impact your department and our industry! Our owner, Eric Schaaf is passionate about providing the nuclear medicine community with patient doses during times of shortage. We will continue to source generators from multiple sources.

We employ a fleet of drivers and reliable delivery vehicles that ensure timely dose delivery. We know you start your day early that is why we offer a variety of nuclear services to keep your department running smoothly.

Why choose us for your radiopharmaceuticals needs?

We offer:

  • Services - What we offerTimely deliveries made during business hours and after hours
  • Reliability and Consistency of all nuclear imaging products
  • Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) Doses
  • Half-time and Half-dose imaging technology
  • Board Certified Pharmacist product Consultation
  • Reimbursement and Coding Specialist
  • Survey meter calibration
  • Camera flood source discounts and disposal of old sources
  • Radiation Safety training
  • MSDS and product Information binders
  • Medical Imaging Staffing
  • Medical supplies
  • Health Physics Consulting
  • 24/7 Delivery of Radiopharmaceuticals
  • BioDose Isotope tracking Software with Technical Support Staff
  • Use of HeartLight Pharmacy Sources for calibration
  • IV pump rental
  • Aerosol Accessories